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WitchCrafts' Journal

10th August, 2008. 5:07 pm. Festival in KY: Pagan Roots(morpheusnaptime)

Mother Earth teaches us to be human. Come celebrate with us.

Event Details: Mother Earth teaches us to be human. She brings life
to life and shares her gifts with us. In return for the gifts of our
Mother, it is our responsibility as humans to care for all living
beings living upon her.
Come celebrate with us…get back to the basics! We would like to
invite you to a weekend of workshops and gathering with like minded
folks, celebrate the beauty of earth and the changing of the seasons.

When: August 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2008.
Cost: 15.00 per person. Kids 12 and under free, 5.00 up to age 18
with adult. Please contact us for group rates.
Vendor fee: 20.00 max two people, Vendor packets will be given out
for arrival times and info needed.
See our info @ www.cbmky.net
Primitive camping sites, no food vendor available!

Children's activities, workshops and fun!
Chants workshop
Living pagan Everyday workshop
Wand making workshop
Stone Wrapping workshop
Herbs, recipes and care workshop
Open circles
Kids activities, wand making..bead making..etc.
Game and recreation area, for networking and getting to know one

No food vendor onsite, so please bring food for event, and make sure
to bring your water! August can be warm!!
We will have toilets at the location.

Event Location: The address is 1054 Vigo Road in Shelbyville
Event TIME Details: Open Noon Friday 08/22 and close at 3 pm 08/24

Directions: Rosewood Farms
From Indiana
Take the ramp onto I-65 S Entering Kentucky 1.0 mi
Take the I-71/I-64 exit toward Cincinnati/Lexington 0.3 mi
Merge onto I-71 N 0.4 mi
Take the exit onto I-64 E toward Lexington 29.1 mi
Take exit 35 for Shelbyville 0.3 mi
Turn left at KY-53 2.0 mi
Continue on KY-55-CONN 1.2 mi
Turn right at KY-43 1.6 mi
Turn right at KY-1005/Vigo Rd 1.1 mi
From Cincy
Turn onto I-71 S Entering Kentucky 21.5 mi
Take exit 173 to merge onto I-71 S toward Louisville 43.2 mi
Take exit 34 for US-421 toward Bedford/New Castle 0.3 mi
Turn left at US-421 11.0 mi
Continue on KY-55 13.3 mi
Turn left at KY-43 1.6 mi
Turn right at KY-1005/Vigo Rd 1.1 mi
From Louisville
Take the ramp onto I-64 E toward Lexington 31.2 mi
Take exit 35 for Shelbyville 0.3 mi
Turn left at KY-53 2.0 mi
Continue on KY-55-CONN 1.2 mi
Turn right at KY-43 1.6 mi
Turn right at KY-1005/Vigo Rd 1.1 mi
From Lexington
Take I-64 via the ramp to Louisville/Cincinnati 41.8 mi
Take exit 35 for KY-53 toward Shelbyville 0.2 mi
Turn right at KY-53 1.8 mi
Continue on KY-55-CONN 1.2 mi
Turn right at KY-43 1.6 mi
Turn right at KY-1005/Vigo Rd 1.1 mi
The address is 1054 Vigo Road. You will see a large mobile home. Turn
in the drive and go past the mobile home into the festival area. This
is a lovely private 55 acre farm.

Website: http://www.cbmky.net/

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27th September, 2007. 8:55 pm. Merry Meet All!!(akilamoonstar)

Greetings!  I just thought that I would introduce myself.  My name is Mary a.k.a. Akila Moonstar.  I am a pretty new Dianic Wiccan; I've been into Wicca for the past five years but I've only just started practicing the craft within the past year.  All I have to say is...it's hard being a Wiccan in Louisiana...full of a lot of close minded bible thumpers.  But I have my friends that support my decision and are open to my religion.

Anyway....like I said...I'm still fairly new.  It's a little hard to be a sole practitioner, but I have my mentor even though she is so far away from me.  I hope that I can make some friends as well as learn from others who are more experienced.  Anyone, feel free to friend me!  I would love to get to know others that practice the craft. 

Blessed be!!

Current mood: cheerful.

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26th January, 2007. 5:46 am. Introduction(ravenwolf_gifts)

Hi my name is Beverley *Peaceful Wolf* and I am an eclectic Wiccan. I discovered Wicca later in life (I'm 55 and have only been practicing for a few years now), but have found my peace in the calm of this ancient and beautiful religion. I've found that my calling is to help others in their everyday practice of Wicca and other spiritual religions. In discovering this I have opened a small business to sell spiritual products at low prices. I hope this is ok to post, if not let me know and I'll delete it. I've added a link to my website for everyone to view if they would like. I look forward to reading about everyones practices and beliefs and hopefully learning something new about my own.

~Blessed Be~


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25th January, 2007. 9:34 am. Moving On(wolf2feathers)

I found out yesterday that my probation transfer to Tennessee is approved. Officers went to my mothers place and notified her that I would be coming on down. I'm to see my probation officer this morning to see if the orders for my reporting have come through yet and hopefully I'll be rolling on down the road in a Greyhound bus in a few days time. I can't wait to get there. First thing I want to do is order a pizza delivery. I also want to go grocery shopping and get all kinds of good stuff having had to eat jail, hospital and half-way house food for the past 14 months. I'm so excited I could just burst. I'll be moving in with my mom at first. My sister is looking for a 4 bedroom place to rent so her, her husband, my two neices, my mom and I can all live together. One big happy family event I think. I love my neices and sister dearly and will just love living with them for a change. So I'm leaving this place where I have no ties behind me. Good-bye Akron. Tennessee or bust.

Current mood: simplified.

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5th May, 2006. 12:58 am. Making your own quill for writing?(kbw4229)

I make my own ink with berries and a touch of alcohol but does anyone have any idea on how to make my own quill for writing in my BoS? I know I could buy one but you understand the wanting to make one and putting your own energy in it.. Thanks, Jack

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26th April, 2006. 4:03 pm. NEW ADDITIONS!!!(sage_darkmoon)





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4th April, 2006. 1:39 am. New New New!!!(sage_darkmoon)

pretty celestial jewelry set new at my etsy!!

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[x posted]

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2nd April, 2006. 2:52 pm. Here is a little look. . .What do you think(morpheusnaptime)

Pagan crafts:
We do custom, ritual and festival tools
More will be on our website.


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28th March, 2006. 12:11 am.(sage_darkmoon)

blue goldstone and hematite Pagan Prayer Beads with Spiral Goddess charm.

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27th March, 2006. 12:01 pm.(sage_darkmoon)

Check it out!

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